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Being a beginner is one of the best times as a student on the path of yoga. We often experience ourselves in a way that we have never sensed before. Life may feel more vibrant, more alive.

 It can also happen that, as a beginner, we feel the opposite. Our body may hurt, our mind may be scattered, or our emotions may overwhelm us. Wherever you are and whatever you feel is perfect. Allow yourself to be in the moment with whatever feeling you are experiencing without judging it.

Each time you step onto your yoga mat, you are a beginner. Always treat it as if it is your first time practicing. This may be challenging: We tend to compare ourselves with what we did yesterday or what we want to do tomorrow.

The Beauty of Yoga

The beauty of yoga, however, is that there is only the here and now. When you step onto your mat, ask yourself: Where am I today? What do I need to practice to extend my comfort zone but without indulging my ego? How is my breath? How does my body feel? In which direction is my mind running?

Notice and observe where you are in that moment, and from that place do your yoga practice.

If you can appreciate your body and mind even on the days when you feel stiff or have a difficult time breathing or concentrating, you will be able to bring yourself even closer to your inner self and away from the seeking of external pleasures.

In the beginning it might be challenging to find the breath and stay focused on it. Remember, the breath is the most important thing in your yoga practice. The postures are secondary.

Don’t worry if the mind runs wild in the beginning. Slowly and without force, bring your focus back to your breath or to your body. Eventually, with consistent practice, the mind will quiet itself.

It does not matter what you did yesterday or what you will do tomorrow. Stay present and enjoy the journey. That is what will help you move forward along the path of yoga!

Tips for Beginners

Wear soft comfortable clothes and practice barefoot.

Use a non-slippery mat that lies securely on the floor.

Allow two hours to pass after a heavy meal before you start your yoga class.

If you have any injuries – please consult your doctor or therapist.

Mind your own body. Remember that yoga can be uncomfortable BUT should never painful.

Women: During the first days of your period, take it easy and do more meditation or pranayama. Then, for a few days don’t use your maximum strength or range of motion in poses. Always avoid inversions during the time of menstruation.

Be a wise student. A wise student knows their needs and practices according to their body. That is the true practice of yoga.


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