Offerings for Teachers

Professional feedback for teachers

I believe that becoming skillful in teaching requires time, effort and an interest in continuing to learn. Students in an Asana class have three different learning styles: verbal, visual and tactile. So that you enhance your teaching, I have created two offerings specifically for teachers to help you help your students to listen, watch and move safely in their asana practice. You will grow as a teacher and develop your verbal teaching and presence in the room so you can best support your students.

As a teacher, it is important to understand that your words have value and that students can only take in a certain amount of information. If you give too many instructions or unstructured instructions, the student will have a hard time following or will stop listening because it is too much to absorb. When you give an instruction, you want to see that the students have understood what you meant. If they don’t, you may need to give the instruction in a slightly different way or even break down the pose for them, so they understand the actions/work that is needed in the asana. 

Getting feedback on your teaching scripts and videos will allow you to build your teaching vocabulary and clarify your instructions. When you provide clear words and instructions, your students have the opportunity to understand themselves better. 

In addition to getting feedback on your teaching scripts and videos, you may be interested in the short course, “Teaching Yoga“.


This offering is an extension of the teaching script. You will receive my feedback on your verbal teaching, your presence in the room, your tone, how you approach your students, and how you connect your teachings...


I believe writing a teaching script is one of the best and fastest ways to become skillful in teaching asana. You become clearer how you give instructions, if they actually work, and how the instructions...

1:1 Mentoring/Private Teaching

(200€ per class) (3 classes 550€)

Need some individual support?

In order to grow as a yoga practitioner or teacher, it can be very helpful to receive personal support. With one-on-one mentoring, I offer you the opportunity to more deeply understand your own body and your individual needs, as well as to gain a greater understanding of the internal practice of yoga. Whether you are a practitioner and/or a teacher of yoga, I will support you on things such as finding your inner voice and purpose as a teacher, working with understanding asana, adjusting, sequencing, or the teachings of yoga. 

Your mentoring class will be designed according to your needs and wishes. 

The class is 1hour 45 minutes. To help me prepare for our class together so it best serves you, you will answer a few questions that I send to you via email. From your answers, I will create a class for you. When we meet, we have a discussion for 10 minutes followed by a 1hour 20-minute class. Our last 15 minutes will be reserved for any reflections or questions you may have. 


Yoga Sequences for yoga teachers

Whether you are a new yoga teacher struggling with creating asana sequences or an experienced teacher in need of some inspiration, I’ve created a series of sequences for different levels of theme-based asana classes. Each class will be well-rounded and work toward a peak pose or a group of poses.

Every asana has benefits, risks, something that usually goes wrong, and component parts. Component parts are those parts of the body you need to work with in the asana—what needs to strengthened and lengthened, and what actions need to be understood to keep the body safe and work in the asana.A proper sequence protects the areas at risk, and a skilful teacher teaches the student how to work in each pose so they eventually understand how to work in the peak pose and find ease.

An “ineffective” sequence can be taught well, just as an “effective” sequence can be taught poorly. My aim is to help you develop your skills to teach “effective” sequences that provide maximum benefit safely. To do this well, it’s important for you to study the component parts and actions needed in these sequences as well as practicing and teaching them.

When you purchase a sequence here, you will receive written guidelines for the sequence as well as a video explaining the peak pose (risks, tendencies, and component parts). You will be able to download the sequence with the asana names in Sanskrit as a pdf.

Yoga Sequences – Level 1

Coming Soon