Teaching Yoga

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Teaching Yoga

What makes a great teacher? I believe a great teacher is someone who has the interests and curiosity to keep learning. During this course we will examine the important aspects of an effective teacher. We will largely focus on how to skillfully teach students and help them grow in their practice.

This course will help you become more skillful in your teaching, and the ways in which you can make each student in a class feel seen and spoken to. You will also learn how to teach the work needed in each asana (component parts) and how to help the student hold a more healthy perception of themselves, their body and their individual needs.

The way a yoga teacher instructs sets the tone of the room. A few of the topics we will look at are:

  • Different ways to give instructions
  • The order of instructions
  • Giving positive instructions
  • Unnecessary use of words
  • The importance of learning
  • How students direct themselves through your information
  • Pre-alignments
  • Different learning styles
  • Providing options

Bonus: When purchasing this course, you will receive one-month access to the YogaMakes online platform.