Teaching Script Feedback


I believe writing a teaching script is one of the best and fastest ways to become skillful in teaching asana. You become clearer how you give instructions, if they actually work, and how the instructions can build upon each other. The way you structure an instruction can allow a student to access not only the part you are instructing about, but also other parts.

The way you instruct will also set the tone in the room. The way you give an instruction can bring the students closer to themselves so they understand their needs and how to practice in their body. Conversely, your instructions can also create a feeling of disconnection and lack of understanding within the body. When you teach skillfully, you establish a presence and supportive environment where students feel like you are speaking directly to them. 

How does it work? 

Write: Choose a specific asana that you want to work with and decide the level of the class. Write a script explaining exactly how you would teach the pose from start to end, including breathing. Use bullet points for each instruction to make it clear for me when the instruction begins and ends. Remember to teach how you come into the pose and also how to exit.

Practice: After you have written the script, read or teach it to someone and see if they understand what you mean and are practicing what you are instructing. If not, see what parts need to be clarified and make the changes you feel are necessary before sending it in to me for feeback. 

For example, I will look to see if there are “empty” instructions, the order of instructions, and how you teach the work in the asana. I will provide specific feedback to help you to become clearer in your instructions. This in turn will make your students eager to learn.

Send your teaching script to hello@carolinewestling.com and mark the subject “Teaching script feedback”.