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  • Yoga and injuries

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    • Yoga and injuries - 200

    Many students that come to yoga have past injuries, and unfortunately some get injured through the yoga practice. As a yoga teacher, it is important to understand asana and the body. It’s also important to know how to teach safely, the different risk areas in poses, how to protect the student, and also when a […]

  • Teaching Beginners

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    • Teaching Beginners - 200

    Being a beginner is one of the best times as a student on the path of yoga. When we are a beginner, we often experience ourselves in a way that we have never sensed before. But it can also be challenging being a teacher of and teaching beginners. Because they have no preconception of yoga, […]

  • Teaching Yoga

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    • Teaching Yoga - 200

    What makes a great teacher? I believe a great teacher is someone who has the interests and curiosity to keep learning. During this course we will examine the important aspects of an effective teacher. We will largely focus on how to skillfully teach students and help them grow in their practice. This course will help […]

  • Understanding Asana (Alignment and Adjusting)

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    • Understanding Asana (Alignment and Adjusting) - 200

    Every asana has benefits, risks, something that usually goes wrong, and component parts. Component parts are those parts of the body you need to work with in the asana—what needs to strengthen and lengthen, and what actions need to be understood to keep the body safe and work in the asana. Everybody has different tendencies […]

  • Sequencing

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    • Sequencing - 200

    A proper sequence protects the areas of the body at risk, and a skillful teacher teaches the student how to work in each pose so they eventually understand how to work and find ease in the peak pose. An “ineffective” sequence can be taught well, just as an “effective” sequence can be taught poorly. This […]