Understanding Asana (Alignment and Adjusting)

Every asana has benefits, risks, something that usually goes wrong, and component parts. Component parts are those parts of the body you need to work with in the asana—what needs to strengthen and lengthen, and what actions need to be understood to keep the body safe and work in the asana.

Everybody has different tendencies getting into, being in and moving out of an asana. Usually, we move from where we have flexibility or where we are strong, but we can also practice the asana from the place of our weaknesses. The latter will lead to imbalances in the body.

I believe that the practice of asana should balance the body. It is a tool that helps your body stay healthy throughout your life.

This course will enable you to have a greater understanding of bodies and asana; to better understand the individual needs of students; and how to safely teach and support students as well as to practice safely yourself.

A few of the topics we will look at are:

  • Quality of asanas
  • Understanding bodies
  • Modifications and why we make them
  • The first place to look in an asana
  • Adjustments/assists: when and why we offer them
  • The importance of verbal teaching
  • Different ways of assisting
  • How to place your hands when adjusting
  • When to stop adjusting
  • Using props

This course will also provide you different videos to help you understand different asanas. We will look at different bodies and tendencies in poses, and provide suggestions about how best to support your students.

This course is foundational to understanding asana. If you want to deepen your knowledge in alignment and adjustment, I suggest you to also study in-person with a teacher. If you want to study with me in the future, I offer specific alignment and adjustment courses where I help you train your eye to see where students need to work from, how to protect the areas at risk and safely support your students in their practice.

Bonus: When purchasing this course, you will receive one-month access to the YogaMakes online platform.

Course includes topics of: