Yoga Retreat in South Korea

March 30 – April 7, 2024
South Korea Yoga, Meditation and Adventure Retreat led by Caroline Westling

Would you like to join a small group of yoga practitioners to deepen your asana and meditation practices while experiencing the beautiful culture and country of South Korea?

I am excited to invite you to spend 8 spacious days together exploring and enjoying the beauty of South Korea as we deepen our yogic practices and understand the philosophies that support them.

Why South Korea? 

In recent years I have developed a love and respect for South Korea, its people and its culture. There is a level of self-awareness, kindness and humility that we practice in yoga. RM, the leader of BTS, exemplifies the values in the speech he gave to the United Nations.

In recent years, South Korea has become popular largely through its music, food and drama, and one of the resulting factors is a sense of cross-cultural unity.

It is this sense unity—the unity with a higher Self and Consciousness—that we are seeking through the practice of yoga. Through my own experiences in South Korea, I have discovered that this is a beautiful place and culture in which to deepen our process of self-actualization and explore our internal world. The nature and temples offer an opportunity for silence, solitude and spiritual practice, and the cities provide a context for more physical and adventurous practices and travel. 

Our journey begins with 3 nights in the vibrant city of Seoul where you can enjoy everything this fascinating city has to offer: Korean fashion, music, art, food, markets, restaurants, culture, beauty… and so much more. 

From Seoul, we will travel south to the beautiful oceanside city of Busan on the eastern seacoast where we will spend 2 nights. During our stay in Seoul and Busan, we will practice yoga once a day most days.

Finally, we’ll travel inland and spend our final 3 days/nights in a lovely, relaxing resort by the mountains of Daegu. In Daegu, we will go deeper into our yoga practice with two classes a day. We will also focus on our internal practice through pranayama, guided meditations and philosophical discussions.

Yoga asana classes will be theme-based. Within the group experience, you will focus on understanding your own individual needs with my guidance.

All levels of practitioners are welcome!

This trip is for those of you who would like to combine a yoga retreat in a unique location with an unforgettable experience. 

Meet your Guide

Caroline Westling

Caroline Westling

With 20 years of experience teaching yoga, philosophy and meditation, I have taught and trained yoga teachers in many countries. 

In my home country of Sweden, I have served as a specialized guest teacher in various teacher trainings, given public lectures and taught yoga in schools, prisons and senior centers. 

I’m known for my authenticity, the structure of my classes, always having a clear reason about why I teach sequences in a particular way, and a keen ability to teach students individually while in a group and understand their unique needs. 

To practice and share yoga is a great privilege which I truly honor and respect.



Seoul (3 nights), Busan (2 nights), and Daegu (3 nights).

Sightseeing (Individual and/or with group)

You will also have free time when you can explore on your own or with the group.

You will have the option to visit a variety of places so you can experience the authentic culture of South Korea. *These excursions are at your own expense. 

Examples include visiting a traditional village and an old palace, drinking traditional tea, and maybe even singing karaoke in a typical Karaoke bar (a noraebang room) ;). We will also visit a South Korean food market where you are can purchase the local specialties according to your individual tastes. 

The retreat includes:

  • Shared or private lodging
  • The cost of train travel between locations
  • Two meals a day 
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Guided meditations
  • Philosophy discussions
  • Community
  • Retreat Gift Bag

The retreat does not include

  • Flights to/from South Korea
  • Public transportation travel within South Korea
  • Alcohol
  • Sightseeing “see above” 
  • Personal purchases 
  • Travel Insurance


1.Total Retreat Fee: 2400 euros – shared lodging (two twin beds – or shared double bed)

2.Total Retreat Fee 3100 euros – private lodging – double bed option (private lodging is limited) 

Flights, Visas and more…

The price of your flight ticket is not included. You will fly to Seoul, which has two different airports. Incheon International Airport is the largest and most common one. The retreat starts on March 30, which means you need to fly on March 29 at the latest. 

Below is a list of suggested airlines and sites to book your flight. (best option, which I usually travel with)

You need a visa to enter South Korea. Most of you will need a K-ETA, which is a simple electronic application and can be done only one week ahead. 

Depending on your home country’s requirements, you may need a different type of visa. You can find out what is required for you by visiting the website of the South Korean embassy of your home country. It is your responsibility to determine which visa you need and to acquire it prior to entry into South Korea. 

It is also your responsibility to read up on Covid regulations before you travel so you are prepared for any requirements upon arrival (or transfer if you have connecting flights).

South Korean Embassy Sweden
South Korean Embassy US

Optional Activities

Below is a list of different activities you can enjoy at your own cost.


  • Seoul Tower
  • Korean war museum
  • Palaces
  • Traditional village
  • National Museum
  • Traditional sauna
  • Beauty and spa treatments (Korean specialties)


  • Magnate Café
  • Busan Tower
  • Yongdusan Park
  • Kim Jae Sun Gallery
  • Gamcheon Culture Village
  • Haedong Yonggung Temple
  • Nampodong Market


  • Mountian Walks
  • Suseongmot Lake
  • Apsan Park
  • Donghwasa
  • Wolgwnag Waterfront Park
  • Daegu Art Museum
  • Daegu Tower
  • Palgongsan Cable Car


A non-refundable registration fee of 700 euros secures your booking for this trip. 

The rest of the amount is due no later than February 15, 2024.

Option 1


Shared lodging (two twin beds or shared double bed)

Option 2


Private lodging – double bed option (private lodging is limited)

Registration Fee Only


Cancellation Policy:

All deposits are non-refundable. 

Cancelations will be accepted until February 15. This does not include the non-refundable deposit of 700 euros.

No credit or refund will be given is available if the attendee cancels less after February 15, 2024, does not show up or leaves early for any reason. All final tuition payments are due by February 15, 2024. You can also pay in full at the time you pay your deposit.

Travel Insurance

You may wish to purchase travel insurance.

My love letter to Korea…

This is my story of how I fell in love with Korea and the reason why I started organizing yoga retreats in this beautiful country.

It all started many years ago when one of my sons introduced me to you. After that, you played a big part in healing us as a family when we were recovering from trauma. I got regained joy, a positive view of my life, and what I want my life to be filled with to thank you for. You inspired me to learn a new language, to open my mind, and to see the world again. 

Sitting on the plane towards you for the first time it felt like I was meeting the love of my life. Well in one sense it was because I already lost one of my sons to you. 

When I met you, you exceeded my expectations of you and I can’t even with words describe the amazing time I had with you. 

You introduced me to new friends and experiences which I will be forever grateful for. It was with a very heavy heart that I left you for the first time and I missed you deeply but I knew that we would see each other again soon. Korea you will always have a big piece of my heart and my love for you will never grow old.

– Caroline Westling


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What if the accommodations I want are sold out?

We’re sorry to hear that! Feel free to reach out to us by email to be added to the waitlist!

What's included in the price?

Pricing includes room/lodging in 3 locales, 2 meals a day, daily yoga, guided meditations, some workshops, transportation during retreat, some activities.

Flights, travel insurance, spa, travel to and from retreat, lunches, additional activities, tips, and additional snacks or drinks such as alcohol are not included.

What if I want to share my room?

All pricing and tuition is as listed per student. If you would like to share your room we recommend one of our double occupancy rooms. Please let us know ahead of time if you have someone specific that you would like to room with.

Are payment plans available?

Payment plans are available! We require a $500 non refundable deposit to save your spot. Installments are automatically billed monthly. Must be paid in full 45 days prior to departure.

Where do I fly in to?

Seoul, South Korea – Incheon International Airport.

We ask that you arrive latest March 30th when the retreat starts and leave at esrliest on April 7th when the retreat ends.

Should I purchase Travel Insurance for my trip and adventure?

Travel insurance is strongly recommended. Purchasing travel insurance helps to cover and mitigate any unexpected circumstances such as medical issues prior to traveling or while traveling, last minute flight cancellations or personal issues that might affect your trip. Students have found great rates and policies through Travel Guard.

What should I bring?

A list of all recommended packing lists will be sent out to you roughly one month before the retreat start date. 

Do plan on bringing a yoga mat, and some props. 

What additional activities are available?

The best part about this retreat is your ability to tailor your experience! The locations we will be in offer a wide variety of activities and offerings during your stay.

Is yoga experience needed?

Absolutely not! All activities are open levels and encouraged for every BODY!

What are the deposit and cancellation policies?

All deposits are non-refundable. No credit or refund is available if the attendee cancels later than February 15th or if they do not show up, or leaves early for any reason.

COVID Contingency Plan and Policy

If the retreat is canceled for any reason due to Covid resurgences in South Korea, students will be refunded or have the option to carry their tuition over to the next South Korea Adventure Retreat. Extra precaution is suggested as you travel to the retreat and back. 


If you have any questions or want to give feedback, please send your email directly to


“We had very good conversations during the retreat where Caroline challenged us to think and look at things in different ways than you normally do. This has made me grow as a person. Caroline also served very good and nutritious food, which contributed to the retreats at Caroline’s home being very healing. I will definitely return.’

Sandra M

“I have been on retreats with Caroline on several occasions, and it has always been a wonderful experience. Caroline is a very experienced yoga teacher and above all, she sees the individual needs of each student. She adapts her teaching to the students’ physical conditions, and this has been a significant positive turning point in my physical yoga practice as well as the mental and spiritual.”

Sandra M

“Caroline’s message is clear, solid and truthful. The Asana practice is safe, they know bodies by just looking at them and they help you to go further from where you are today.”

Belén A

“When I started practicing with Caroline things started to fall into place. She helps me by truly seeing me and my struggles. She does not give you shortcuts and the answers—she makes you find them yourself. She is there to support you on your way without hesitation. She helps you find the tools to find your own strengths, both in your asana practice and also in your philosophy practice.”

Anika FB

“I met Caroline through my teacher training at Yogayama. She is an inspiration and an amazing teacher. Caroline has taught me a lot, both about teaching myself, but also about my own path and yoga practice. Her knowledge and passion for sharing the yoga path is inspiring. She shares her knowledge generously.”

Christina KB

“Caroline is a very enthusiastic and well-prepared instructor. You have no doubt about her passion for yoga – it’s her life. She is a technically skilled instructor, she’s has “an eye on each finger” – in her class you feel that you are seen. Her gift is that she has the ability to always make you feel safe and well taken care of.”

Mona D

“Caroline has an ability to make a person feel seen even in a large group. She is clear in her instructions and assistance. There is also a sense of security to be able to practice with Caroline, who places great importance on doing poses safely and leaves nothing to chance! “

Ellinor L

“I love Caroline’s yoga teachings. She has very well-structured classes with beautiful sequences. I like in particular her restorative classes and her foundation classes with props. Her classes are clear, with easy to follow instructions. She emphasizes a safe practice with precise alignment and a beautiful connection to the breath. Caroline teaches from the heart with a deep understanding from her own experience, always with compassion and some humor.”

Franziska S

“Caroline has an exceptional quick understanding of the poses taken by students, especially concerning the energetic distribution in the bodies. Her yoga sequences are inventive and clever. At the core of her transmission resides the safety of the practice, and the alignment with respect to each student’s possibilities. Humbly and generously, she shares her deep and broad knowledge, both regarding the physical practice and the spiritual and philosophical practice. She inspires to deepen the yoga practice in all directions. Her teaching reaches way beyond the yoga mat.”

Cécile BL

“Caroline is one of my absolute favourite teachers. She has a great ability to set my body up for specific asanas. With props and fantastic guiding, she makes advanced positions more available. It’s like she is communicating with my body instead of me and my head. In addition to her great understanding of energy in poses, she is so well rooted in the tradition and philosophy of yoga that I can really rest in her space and feel safe.”

Nenne A

“Caroline is an outstanding experienced yoga teacher. She teaches to practice yoga in a structured and neat way, step by step: what to do, in what order, and why. She transmits the passion of being pedagogical. She prepares herself very well, she observes the students carefully and she is constantly reflecting about her own work.”

Cécile BL