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A proper sequence protects the areas of the body at risk, and a skillful teacher teaches the student how to work in each pose so they eventually understand how to work and find ease in the peak pose.

An “ineffective” sequence can be taught well, just as an “effective” sequence can be taught poorly. This course will help you develop your skills to teach “effective” sequences that safely provide maximum benefit. The importance of setting a steady foundation on which to build poses helps students find ease in their practice, even when practicing high-risk poses.

A few of the topics we will look at are:

  • Considerations when creating a sequence
  • Levels of student skill and experience
  • Levels of pose difficulty
  • How to determine the level of a student
  • Elements of a balanced practice
  • Linking of poses
  • Component parts of an Asana
  • Preparatory poses and how to break down a pose
  • Theme-based classes
  • Sequencing your teaching
  • Sequencing the timing of the class

This course is a great foundation to understanding sequencing. If you want to deepen your knowledge in sequencing, I suggest you to also study in-person with a teacher. If you want to study with me in the future, I offer specific sequencing courses where I help you to build skillful sequences and work on finding your unique style of teaching.

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