In my last blog we talked about practice or not to practice during our menstruation. If you ask my advice, I would say to rest the body but meditate and do simple pranayamas for one week.

But I have put out a sequence that is soft and that is more focused on relaxing and moving internally and also softly releases the tensions that my occur during this time. I´m not going into extreme details, but want you to move more internally but keeping the areas at risk safe.

Remember to stay back and experience sensations not big stretches…

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First posture is Virasana, this is a great posture because it releases the pelvis and any tension around the lower belly. If you feel any pain in you knees; back off! Then you sit on a block, bolster or blanket.

Sit between the heels, lengthen the big toe away from the inner heel and press the top of the foot down. Release the inner thighs down, lift from the belly keep the spin long and the sides of the body lifted as you sit heavy onto the sitting bones. Neck long; chin parallel to the floor and hands resting on the knees. Stay here and breathe for about 7 -14 breaths.

One of my favourite postures is Bharadvajrasana maybe because Gandhi uses to sit like this. Probably hoping for some of his wisdom and light…

This is a soft but very powerful twist and helps to relieve and strengthen the lower back, sciatica, improve digestion, relieves stress the list goes on…

From sitting on the heels, sit over to the left so our heels are close to the right hips. Left foot is flexed put top of the foot relaxes into the floor (see picture) bring the right ankle in the arch of the left foot. If you feel that the right sitting bone is lifting to high slide a blanket under the left one and just encourage the right sitting bone down. The knees will be slightly apart.

We are going to twist in the same direction you are leaning towards with makes the posture a little more challenging.

Bring the right hand on the left knee, left hand on the floor behind you. Either stay here if you feel that you have a hard time sitting on both sitting bones, but if you feel stable you can wrap the arm behind the back and grab hold inner upper arm. Keep the shoulders away from the ears, lower back presses slightly towards the arm that’s wrapping, then lift the sternum up and twist the body gently. Stay for 7-14 breaths, inhale look forward exhale release, come to sit on you knees and turn to the other side. 


Practiced very traditionally in India as a poster for women to help them with any disorders around the reproduction area from menstruation disorder, urine infections to hormone imbalances.

From vajrasana sitting between the heels, open the knees wide, place the hands on the knees. Sit very heavy on the sitting bone as you lengthen the sternum away from the navel and fold forward. Keep the neck long shoulders away from the ears and elbow inline with the shoulders. Stay here for 7-14 breathes. With an inhale slowly bring yourself back up. Exhale release the posture.

Ardha Gomukasana

 We tend to store a lot of emotions in our reproduction area and when we have our menstruation we release a lots of those emotions.

This posture is beautiful because it helps you softly open up the outer hips but also take away any tension in the lower back. You get a slight press on the lower abdomen, which can release pain and lower the heat in the body.

Sit on your buttocks with straight legs. Bend the left knee and cross it over the right leg, knees are staking over each other.   Bring the heel inline with the knee so the leg is in a 90 degree angle. If this feels okay and there is no tension in the knee, bring the left hip a little forward and draw the right foot back (se picture). Place the hands on either side of the leg; spread the fingers and root down in you hands. Push the floor away, sit heavy on the buttock and extend the heart forward. Keep the neck long and stay here for 7-14 breathes. Then slowly bring the hands back release the leg and change sides.

Upavistha Konasana

Stretches the inner legs and meridians up in the pelvis. Nice posture for relaxing the lower belly and also the lower back. Some key points…

See that the feet and knees are pointing up towards the sealing, engage the thighs and sit heavy on the sitting bone. Especially if you are bendy you need to protect lower back, ligaments and joints around the hips.

Bring a big pillow or a bolster in front of you. Start to walk the hand forward on the floor. Maybe you are far away from the floor, stay here and breathe. Or you have the option to lie down on the bolster or pillow. Turn the head to one side and stay for 7 breathes then turn the head the opposite way and breath for 7 more breathes. 

You enter next posture from here…

Bring the right elbow on the right thigh or if you can reach (without losing the left sitting bone’s contact with the floor) on the inner right shin and hold the ankle with the right hand. From here draw the right shoulder down slight press of the elbow so you can wrap the right ribs under and open the heart towards the ceiling. Lift the left hand up overhead spin the outer arm forward, lengthen through the side waist and keep firming the left sitting bone down. Get the stretch in the entire left side and you want a feeling the hip and the lower back are separating from each other so more blood can flow in the hips and the lower back.  Keep the neck long and as you choose, look up to the roof or down if you feel any tension in the neck.  Stay and breathe 7-14 breaths. Inhale and exhale look down. Inhale bring the left hand back and come up and we do the same posture on the other side. Remember it’s more important to keep the spine long than coming close to holding the foot. When you have the length you open the chest up and you are aiming for sensation no big stretches. You keep the practice restorative.

When you are going to come out of the posture, put a slight bend in the knees and then slowly bring them together.

On your choice either lie down with the knees bent, feet as wide as your mat and knees fall together. Slightly release the tailbone towards the heels, draw the shoulders under and relax the hands either on the lower belly or facing up to the ceiling.

If you feel you want to keep the focus and sit still with a meditative awareness please do.

Listen, be kind and enjoy being you!


Namaste Caroline

Posted on June 12, 2014 .