Caroline Westling has always had a deep philosophical interest in life and as a teenager she was inspired by her grandmother to start with yoga. She first started practicing Hatha Yoga and later on turned to Ashtanga Yoga in which she took her first Teacher Training. Finally she fell in love with sequencing and proper alignment during her Yoga Works Teacher Training in 2006. Today, she has over 1000 hours of teacher trainings from different parts of the world. She has daily guidance from her Guru Acharaya Ratheesh Mani and has practiced with some of the greatest teachers, including Maty Ezraty in the U.S.

Caroline's yoga classes are challenging with a sense of ease, warmth and truth. The foundation is "Yoga" which means in the tradition of Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa. The ease comes through instructions in order to learn proper alignment and to build from the foundation up. Her sequences are creative and fun, she uses props and smart ways to help you understand how to move towards posture you thought was out of your reach. By that it is also implicated work with the internal battles like fear, ego and unworthiness. She has a good eye and love for reading and understanding bodies and people. This precision of practice is about aligning asanas as well as what needs to be done in order to get rid of the illusions we might have about ourselves.

She emphasizes safety and her focus is  "safe practice" and teaching you to practice from your "here and now" state. Her aim is to bring you home, to find your inner space, through yoga and self-awareness.  In her own words: "- When you have touched that inner space you can rest, rest in all the illusions of who you are. Then you find your home, when you have found your home, my work is to help you find something that can remind you of that state when you are lost. In the end that reminder will pop up as soon as you lose your track and finally your home is your paradise and you never have to leave for vacation.”

In addition, Caroline has also education in nutrition, energy medicine and sound awareness. Caroline has taught in Swedish prisons for many years inspiring prisoners to keep a daily yoga practice to increase self-awareness and which can lead to a nonviolent behaviour. As some of the prisoners after the course put it:  "more yoga to the people".  She also gives lectures in schools educating young people to understand how food affects our body and by giving yoga classes to help them understand themselves, to be more present, balanced and happy for no reason. Together with her teacher, friend and life companion Acharya Ratheesh Mani she offers teacher trainings, holds international workshops, organizes retreats and teaches at yoga studios and businesses.